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Mississippi Lime Congress 2014: Making It Work

Consistent economics in the Mississippi Lime. That is the number one objective for all Mississippi Lime operators. Despite shallow depths and optimum geochemical levels, the economics of the wells are proving inconsistent. Operators have invested a lot of money in this play - we know the geological potential is there, but the critical question going forward is: How do we make this play work?

Operators need to drill wells with superior economics and they need to drill them more consistently. The inconsistency of Mississippi Lime well results cannot be isolated to one particular factor and the solution, therefore, can only be arrived at through a thorough interdisciplinary analysis of the key factors currently impacting the profitability of the play. It is critical to collate latest geological and production data to provide an enhanced understanding of the geological complexity and the play and, more importantly, how these geological variations have played into completions design, water volumes, artificial lift selection, well design and sweet spot identification.

The Mississippi Lime Congress 2014: Making It Work will provide practical solutions through an interdisciplinary approach looking at production optimization techniques, re-evaluating drilling and completion designs and re-assessing water management strategies. The mission of the Mississippi Lime Congress 2014: Making It Work Congress is two fold...


This can be broken down into the following:


TARGETING SWEET SPOTS: Understanding how to best predict sweet spots to optimize drill targeting and increase the repeatability of successful wells

ARTIFICIAL LIFT SELECTION & PRODUCTION OPTIMIZATION: Deploying a long-term production strategy by selecting the best artificial lift applications for the full life cycle of the well

COMPLETIONS DESIGN OPTIMIZATION : Examining completion design factors and techniques that have correlated to high productivity in different areas of the Mississippi Lime

ENHANCED WELL DEVELOPMENT PLAN: Identifying whether it is more economic to drill a vertical vs. horizontal well


TARGETING LOW WATER CUT ZONES: Drill targeting geological areas with low water saturations to optimize production vs. water and minimize water disposal costs

OPTIMIZING DISPOSAL WELLS: Investigating cost-cutting opportunities to effectively handle produced water at every stage of disposal: from production through to transport and disposal

WATER TRANSFER COLLABORATION: Understanding how operators can collaborate to develop a cost effective pipeline system to minimize the overall cost of water handling


A combination of high geological complexity and high volumes of produced water are currently threatening the profitability of Mississippi Lime wells.

Over the course of the day, E&P companies active in the Mississippi Lime will share the latest advancements in production and completions optimization, as well as the best practices for reducing costs associated with handling the high volumes of produced water in the play.

The Mississippi Lime Congress: Making It Work 2014 has been designed to answer some of the crucial questions currently facing operators:

  • Sweet Spot Identification: How can operators drill more of the better producing wells and less of the poor ones?
  • Drilling & Completions: Once the sweet spot has been located, is there a way to drill and complete the wells cheaper, more efficiently and more effectively than what is currently being done?
  • Production: How can operators best lift these wells based on the geological characteristics in place to ensure prolonged production to recover and exceed initial costs?
  • Managing Operational Costs: Is there a way to manage water more cost-efficiently to increase the economic margins per well?


  • Designed specifically to answer the biggest question operators have right now: how can we make the economics of the Mississippi Lime wells more consistent and attain superior economics on every well drilled?
  • Led by E&Ps focusing on the Mississippi Lime from a solutions-driven perspective. We are the only congress to take a multi-disciplinary approach to cracking the Mississippi Lime code. We will combine production and completions optimization with cost minimization (on water handling strategies)
  • Targeted at understanding the geological drivers and production mechanisms for such inconsistent production results
  • Focused on finding out how to increase production through production and completions optimization techniques
  • Looking at how to optimize water disposal and transport strategies to significantly drive down operational costs


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